The National Organization for Women – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The National Organization for Women" is a great example of a research paper on sociology. National Organization of Women is a firm supporter of liberal feminism theory. This theory was the most accepted one between 1950- 1960. National Organization for Women supports operations of legislation in order to purge the barriers for women so it is based on the theory- Liberal Feminists. Further National Organization for Women, insist on identical rights and prospects for women, identical job opportunity and identical salary, they insist on eradicating the obstructions and are capable of frankly taxing the principles of patriarchy and hence if follows liberal feminist theory.

It is because of this theory reforms for women development, education, career, health, and care facilities, could find new impetus thereby making the National Organization for Women as a liberal feminists organization. In the modern era, tremendous research has been performed on feminist organizations to support women across the world. Various case materials are being discussed and supported to treat women with dignity and respect and not to treat her as the weaker section of society and to prevent ill-treatment with women.

There are other organizations also those who believe that radical and social feminists’ theories throw more impact on feminine development. Any feminist organization has the sole motive to promote women in all aspects of life. To make her understand her rights and not to tolerate injustice and violence that is mounting in the present era, still we are only on the tip of the iceberg, and these organizations have a long way to go to uplift women in every facet. It requires support from the society, from the government, non-government organizations and from the women herself.

It is imperative to understand that female are being killed in the fetal stage and requires the support of feminist organizations for its prevention and thus feminists organizations are turning out to be the boon to the women survival and therefore these organizations must be supported and promoted.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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