Rationale for Safety and Health Manager to Communicate with Purchasing Department – Research Paper Example

The paper "Rationale for Safety and Health Manager to Communicate with Purchasing Department" is an excellent example of a research paper on management. The objective of this essay is to determine the reasons why Safety and Health Manager might need to communicate with the Purchasing Department. The essay would provide insights into the role and responsibilities of the Safety and Health Manager in conjunction with that of the Purchasing Department. Each and every organization exists for a particular purpose. In an organization, the role that safety and health assumes is of critical importance in safeguarding all the resources of the organization. Resources mean assets and human personnel, including all systems and processes contained therein. The scope of responsibilities in safety and health includes detection of any kind of intrusion and initiating appropriate actions to ward off and prevent harm or damage to the organization’s resources, and identifying, addressing, and raising safety and health problems and concerns. Under the helm of an efficient Safety and Health Manager, whose functions encompass planning, directing, organizing and controlling all facets of safety and health concerns of personnel in the organization, the specific roles, and responsibilities of this personnel mirror the general tasks of safety and health management. Management, we regard as leadership in the informed, planned, purposeful conduct of the complex organized the activity. (Christensen, et al. 1978, p.13) One of the responsibilities of the Safety and Health Manager is to inform unit heads and departments of the whole organization of safety requirements and assists with maintaining compliance with organizational and governmental guidelines and regulations. In this regard, the Purchasing Department is one of the most relevant departments in the organization whose responsibility includes coordinating with external suppliers on the needed support materials, medications, and supplies which would sustain the basic requirements of the company. By monitoring all phases of the organization in terms of adherence to security and safety requirements, the Safety and Health Manager needs to communicate with the Purchasing Department to ensure that the overall health and welfare of the organization would be effectively and efficiently addressed. 

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