The Importance of Virtual Labs in Information Technology Learning – Research Paper Example

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The paper “ The Importance of Virtual Labs in Information Technology Learning” is an outstanding variant of research paper on information technology. This section presents the main results obtained when the research was carried out. The data presented here was obtained from an optional, anonymous survey that was administered online at the end of the semester. The survey was presented to 30 students of which 12 of them responded. This section presents the analysis of the questionnaire data collected. The analysis will help in answering the research questions of the study. The survey conducted provided both qualitative and quantitative data. Analyze the dataThe objectives of the study include: The importance of virtual labs in Information Technology learning. The importance of virtual labs in assisting the students with their tutorials, assignments, and group work. Usability and accessibility of Virtual Labs. Future use of virtual labs in further studies. The survey was divided into several factors that helped us to measure and evaluate students’ satisfaction in using virtual labs in their studies.

These factors included: Assistance in Learning. Accessibility and ease of use. Virtual labs vs. Physical labs. Overall satisfaction of Virtual labs usage The results obtained from the participants per factor are summarized below. Factor 1: Assistance in Learning Most of the IT courses contain three important components that assist in delivering the concepts as well as gaining the objectives of the course.

The three components include laboratory/tutorial work, assignments, and group work. From table 6.1 results, it is possible to deduce that more than 80% of the students use virtual labs to complete their assignments and tutorial work. Majority of the students strongly agree that virtual labs plays a vital role in helping them to easily complete their assignment on time, and 92% of the students still wish to use virtual labs in their future studies.

Conversely, some of the students believe that they can complete their group work without necessarily using virtual labs. Most of the students prefer to use physical labs when they are in the university because they enhance their social life within the campus by allowing them to share their work together. Consequently, a number of them prefer to use virtual labs in their own time at the home and usually when the programs that need to complete their assignments are not available in their place.

The above statement is affirmed by the following compliment made by one of the students: “ Mainly during tutorials; virtual labs simplify things and allow me to do my work from home. I find that I prefer to socialize while I am at university, but having access to the virtual lab helps me do my work in my own time without cutting into my social life. ” Table 6.1: Showing survey results on ‘ Assistance in Learning’ Table 6.2 shows the mean scores rating for the six survey items relating to the assistance in learning obtained from the Likert scale which was based on a 5 point scale, where 1=Strongly Disagree and 5=Strongly Agree.

The students gave the system a 4 rating. Overall, the students found the Virtual lab's system a valuable tool to help them in studying.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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