Essential V Healthcare Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments – Research Paper Example

The paper "Essential V Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments" is an excellent example of a research paper on nursing. This focuses on the features that affect the management and running of healthcare programs. This essential prepares a nurse, by creating an understanding of the effective policies that shape healthcare. In this preparation, nurses are informed on healthcare management roles. Nurses are also prepared to expect any changes in the healthcare policies so that they can respond positively to healthcare policies and lead healthcare transformation. With this regard, baccalaureate essential V creates healthcare awareness for nurses to provide quality care as per the policy guidelines. The intervention is essential for patients because it drives nurses to uphold quality healthcare regardless of the changes in policy funding and regulatory changes. Patients are thus the largest beneficiaries of the program (Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee, 2013). The Baccalaureate Essential V is extensive prepares a nurse by providing knowledge on the basics of healthcare such as the regulatory environment. It is also very helpful for the nurse since their vision is the administrative roles in the healthcare sector. Particularly, the key components of healthcare such as funding, policies and regulatory statutes have to be understood clearly. This study accomplishes this by the use of system theories and a keen analysis of the regulatory framework analysis of healthcare. Going through this, the nurse is able to grasp the concepts of what determines the actions taken to improve healthcare. A nurse is capable to understand the organizational structure from the highest ranks in healthcare to the lowest.  The Baccalaureate essential V, therefore, is elemental in the preparation to take over administration roles because it is through this that the nurse is able to assess and liaise for the best funding systems to keep the facility running. The personal development project for a nurse focuses on the administrative responsibilities that the nurse is to perform in the long-term.  The roles range from ensuring effective communication to all staff, policy making, management of resources, representing staff and more importantly, being a key driver for quality healthcare. Baccalaureate Essential V promotes this by engaging one in the process of analyzing healthcare policies. The subject requires that one is not only very conversant with the policies but that the nurse can prudently assess and make a choice of one policy as being better than the other. In this regard, the nurse is prepared to take a central role in influencing the policies that may be enacted. By studying essential V, the will understand the process of policy-making such that once a policy is legislated, they are entrusted to effectively oversee its successful implementation (American Nurses Association, 2010).  Alongside these, the knowledge of all the tenets of Essential V contributes to the nurse’s competence in representing fellow nurses to the executives in charge of healthcare. Organizational and management skills are polished in preparation for the bigger roles in the healthcare facility. The other critical skill gained from Baccalaureate Essential V is on financial management. Other than being aware of the sources of funds, as a nurse administrator, exhibiting budgeting skills is very important. The organizational skills along with budgeting capabilities are responsible for patient-centered treatment. The understanding that the patient needs are to be prioritized over other needs. Baccalaureate Essential V is thus keen on equipping the nurse with skills and the opportunity to continuously learn and show personal growth (American Nurses Association, 2009).