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The paper "Electronic Arts Games" is an excellent example of a business research paper. The pioneers of the early home computer games industry, Electronic Arts (EA) was founded and incorporated on May 28, 1982, by Trip Hawkins. It is world-renowned developer marketer, publisher and distributer of video games and is prominent for promoting designers and programmers responsible for the production of these games (Waugh, 2006). The gaming platforms for EA are Personal Computers, Play Station 2, Play Station3, Play Station Portable, X360, DS, Mobile and WII. They have a multi-genre compilation starting from kids’ games to family games (Anonymous, 2009).

At present, EAs sports games are the most successful products such as  Harry Potter, Need for Speed,   Medal of Honor,   The Sims,   Battlefield  and the later games in the  Burnout  and  Command and Conquer Series. The top EA competitors in the market are Activision Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment and Take Two. Take-Two, publisher of the  Grand Theft Auto  franchise, were offered $2 billion to by EA, but the offer was rejected. EA has time and again been criticized due to their acquisition and management practices for buying lesser developed studios mainly for their intellectual property possessions and then developing radically different games of their franchises.

EAs overall performance had revealed a descending trend in quality over past few years and was anticipated to influence market shares during competitive seasons (La Monica, 2005).   A lawsuit was filed against EA,   alleging them to breaking United States anti-trust laws by signing exclusive deals with the NFL Players Association, the NCAA and Arena Football League, to use players names, likenesses and team logos. This restricted other companies from being able to sign the similar agreements.   Recently, EAs Maxis studio declared the release of a new game on Facebook, named Spore.

Spore Islands will let customers contend against one another; constructing an island and developing species on it, while at the same time sending their creatures to friends islands to take over them.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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