The Outbreak of Ebola in West Africa – Research Paper Example

The paper "The Outbreak of Ebola in West Africa " is a great example of a research paper on medical science. The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is an issue of serious concern. It concerns me both at the personal and society’s level. It is essential to highlight that I have a sister who is a nurse in Pittsburgh. Moreover, my mother is a nurse who travels around the world. The chances of my family members acquiring the Ebola virus are very high. I would like the world to realize that the Ebola problem is a worldwide issue. This means that nations and people should commit to eliminating Ebola. The disease has a high capability of moving across the whole human population just as measles and smallpox and in the previous centuries. To begin with, medical professionals should volunteer in order to fight the virus. In as much as these people are exposed to the risk of acquiring the virus, they possess the knowledge of protecting themselves. The Ebola virus strikes fear in the human population because it is not curable (Asheknas 1). In turn, researchers should investigate methods of combating the virus. The disease causes stigma because once a person attains positive diagnosis, they lose hope of facing life. In addition, the medical world should ensure that medics are protected from the virus since these are the key people that deal with the condition directly. People should travel in order that they enjoy diverse cultures and experiences. On the other hand, the Ebola virus restricts people into their home countries thereby limiting trade and cultural exchange. The world, therefore, should invest in hope in order that they eliminate this plague.