The Nandi Warriors – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Nandi Warriors" is a brilliant example of an assignment on anthropology. The Nandi tribe is one of the significant compositions of the people in East Africa. They initially manage livelihood by being nomadic but later on settled in the eastern part of Africa. The main origin of the said tribe is the Nilotic, Bantu and Hamitic with the close relationship with the Masai tribe both the appearance and the way of life being agriculturist from being nomadic. There are different features of the said tribe that is considered notable specifically in terms of the contribution to the culture of East Africa (Womack Chapter 12).

The Nandi tribe is also referred to as the “ pastoralists” due to the fact that they have large cattle herds. Another significant feature of the culture of the Nandi tribe is 2 leaders, the medicine man (Orkoiyot) that is responsible for matters related to wars and the Kirougik, which represents the people in terms of other affairs. In addition, other practices that are gender-related are same woman marriage and circumcision in female members of the tribe (Womack Chapter 12).

During the British occupation, the said tribe is known for its independence and skills specifically in raising cattle thus given the name pastoralists. In addition, the different culture and traditions that are known only to them became an influence on the Eastern African region. Their independence had led them to alter their form of livelihood from being nomadic to being settled in a particular land. For that matter, the said tribe although only one of the many tribes in Africa was able to contribute to the cultural profile and anthropology of the Eastern and even the whole Africa due to the fact that the conquerors have been able to recognize them from other tribes.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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