Creating America in American Literature – Research Paper Example

The paper "Creating America in American Literature " is a brilliant example of a research paper on history. The idea of America creation emerged in early American literature which primarily constitutes stages of American development. The early posts which explain historical relations carry aspects of the country’s inventions and development that have taken it to great heights. The changes that have occurred since the time of colonialism are included in all ranks of American literature. America exists because of discoveries and inventions of national literature which explains full stages of the country’s development (Carreta, 2007). Chorus of voices characterized by tricksters, warriors, story creation, and spiritual prophesies have over a long time moved through the air in America. The first Americans did not experience the silent world. The stories that people narrated about themselves were used as a basis for European renaissance. The literature about America before and during colonial times were used by great thinkers such as Michel De Montaigne to contemplate the new world (Jeanette, 2006). Literature about America features the transformation of slaves into Christianity and the freedom that was given to them in the ninth century. Since the beginning of colonization, American cultural history has yielded practices and secrets that entail inventions that aid in the creation of the country. ‘Great Awakening’ has been talked about in literature explaining the history of the country. The phrase has been modified by writers of the eighteenth century to explain cultural and religious upheaval that has contributed immensely to all aspects of development. Creation of America is featured in literature as explained by early writers in a literal conversion of people into Christianity. The writings of fathers and saints on Byzantine Christianity have been used to impart knowledge to generations about various transformations that have occurred over time (William, 2006). The literary inheritance which was imparted to them through the writings of the Fathers and lives of the Saints was multifaceted in its emphases.