Same Sex Marriage as One of the Major Contemporary Issues in the Society – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Same-Sex Marriage as One of the Major Contemporary Issues in the Society" is an excellent example of a research paper on social science. Same-sex marriage has been a highly politicized matter in the U. S. The country legalized gay marriages. However, same-sex marriage began to be expedited in 2001 when Julie Goodridge sued Massachusetts for the breach of the right to gay marriages. However, the issues have been surrounded by controversy with the emergence of many political fronts where LGBT rights movements have emerged. After the Supreme Court determination and subsequent legalization of Gay marriages, the practices have not been collectively endorsed where regional disagreements have been witnessed in the country (Brandzel, 2005).

Despite the endorsement of same-sex marriages by the Supreme Court of the U. S., many states have controversial views towards gays, an aspect that has derailed the rights of gay individuals or couples. Political interventions through legislations have been adapted to safeguard individuals based on their states and social preferences. For instance in Florida, dozens of people were killed in a gay nightclub, which was a refuge area for LGBT individuals (Ellison & Ramos‐Wada, 2011).

From the incidence, however, some prominent politicians merely described the incidence as a terrorist attack as opposed to hate crime. This issue has been subjecting to politicking. Literature Review Sources have defined the negative aspects of gay marriages, continuity from the first resource. Brandzel noted that the legalization of gay marriages is considered a betrayal of the moral standards of a society. He posits that such unions are an expression of partnership where every party shares the utmost equal liability in marriages. The author also complains about the lack of affections with an extension to children that such couples subscribe to.

Also, the traditional composition of a family entails a wife, husband, and children. He also argued that the traditional composition of a family with the three pillars in the U. S. during the Great Depression, world wars, terror attacks as well as other difficult experiences over time. Besides, he states that even if friends and lovers may part, their family is always around them (Brandzel, 2005). Subsequently, lost values and cultural foundation is a product of weak values that builds a family unit.

Through the introduction of gay marriages, the place of a family unit in a society is bound to change. Epstein fights the notion that marriages exist for purposes of recreation. He also noted that marriages have been seen as a mechanism of childbearing that negates different purposes. Epstein argues that love matters in the relationship of a marriage set up. People marry for the sake of expressing love for each other. It is a commitment to share challenges to walk together until death and for the purposes of everyone else.

He also noted that everyone will enhance union for the sterile although heterogeneous couple, the main aspect of marriage is not simply confined to childbearing (Epstein, 2014).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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