Evaluation of a Stage-Specific Intervention – Research Paper Example

The paper "Evaluation of a Stage-Specific Intervention" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The article is about the research method that the Heart and Stroke Foundation used in gathering data about how people would respond to a health promotion intervention (Poscente, Rothstein, & Irvine, 2002). The market research techniques that were adapted include mass media promotion and brief telephone interviews. The findings of the research revealed that market segmentation can still be achieved even through the use of mass media channels and telephone interviews. The research was conducted among the residents of two medium-sized cities of Ontario. Through the interviews and questionnaires, the respondents were easily segregated according to various groups which are the focus of the study. It could be noted that the researchers did not put undue pressure on the participants of the research. It was done on a purely voluntary basis since the receivers of the flyers were asked to call only if interested. There was no mention though whether the participants were properly informed of the purpose of the research and whether there were any confidentiality agreements between the research group and the participants.  One limitation though that can be expressed in the research methodology adapted is that with telephone interviews, the data provided by the respondent cannot be verified. The interviewer just has to trust the respondent. Some of the questions that were included in the questionnaire are also very subjective. One respondent’s view of a “regular moderate physical activity” or a “moderately active but not regular physical activity” may differ with another respondent’s view. This may result in a conclusion that is not too reliable. On the overall, the research methodology used by Heart and Stroke Foundation, though it has its weaknesses, can still b considered as effective as it has achieved its goal of identifying the effective marketing methods to disseminate health promotion intervention information.