Willis Earl Beal in American Popular Music – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Willis Earl Beal in American Popular Music" is a worthy example of a research paper on music. Willis Earl Beal deserves to be crowned as the next king in Lo-fi, folk and experimental music genres, the artist and musician conjure his music to evolve a revolution that gathers crowds of all walks. His music cuts across ages and he will most definitely be going into American Popular Music textbooks. Willis has had his best sellers such as Evening Kiss in 2012 as his debut album before releasing Nobody Knows in 2013.

Willis has set the music targets in his career after developing his music title, The Church of Nobody; that has attracted a lot of attention. His way of gathering attention was and still is incredible. He described this movement as an organization or congregation out of existence though acting in the holds of anti-church among those willing to explore the consciousness in the world exclusive of oppression and imposing dogma of prior established government and religion. This is a very selling point for those between religions, the oppressed, activists, and the warriors of human rights.

His genre combination is going beyond music by compiling an individualistic collection of emotions that will be globally understood and applied, not just within his continent of birth, making him an innovator and music legend. His emotions insulate a prescribed solution that he expresses in his ‘ manifesto’ , the master-plan. His music movement is intended to implore his audience against the media although he is their product. He instills the facts that the modern community has it all but demolished the individualistic angle replacing it with a shallow yet the empty representation of freedom; freedom perpetuating competition intended to maintain its extreme capitalist regime.   The individualistic perception Willis gives in his music forms his baseline and if well exploited, Willis Earl Beal will make historical innovations and revolutions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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