American Education System – Research Paper Example

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The paper "American Education System" is an outstanding example of an education research paper. The education system in America is diversified providing excellent resources in a wide range of programs for who is capable of pursuing the quality education. However, the effectiveness of education is reduced in recent years due to various social and political issues that influence the system. Primary issue faced by the educational system is increasing costs of education that makes it extremely un-affordable by some students leading to increasing amount of college drop-outs. The “ No Child Left Behind” law lacks proper implementation thus failing to fulfill the funding promises causing unequal education distribution and loss of quality teachers.

These drawbacks have greatly influenced the educational system in America when compared to other countries like China, where education is given first priority. The educational system in America mainly relies on creativity thus differentiating itself from the system followed in China. Education is given major importance and total commitment in China focusing on gaining quality education due to which students from China score well in mathematics and sciences compared to American students, in the process of learning the students from China leave behind their creativity and ideas which is more encouraged in the American system.

The compulsory education law requires fulfilling the conditions of 10-year education guaranteeing a right to education. Parents focus their attention to a certain extent on a child’ s education because of which 95 percent of the students in China graduate from high school. However, America differs by providing the innovative educational system that is lacking in the educational system of China, who intends to infuse and implement it in near future.

Similarly, the American educational system needs certain reforms to gain its effectiveness and quality. Strict implementation of the “ No Child Left Behind” law would help in recruiting qualified teachers who are rewarded for their job excellence thus being able to retain them and improve the school education. Providing students with after-school job opportunities would help them to meet their high educational costs. Supporting and maintaining the high-quality educational schools and closing all the low-quality schools would tend to retain the best educational system and provide educated and qualified students who would later boost the economy of the Nation.

Today’ s economy is in the deep recession, and the government is striving hard to stop further job loss, national and global destruction. The fiscal policy states the revenue of government, spending and the debt. All the spending by government needs to be accounted for even it was for some necessary expense. The growth of the economy means to the growth of the Nation’ s wealth; the government needs to reduce taxes and increase spending to stimulate economic growth.

The tax reduction would increase the amount of money with the general public which can be spent on possessing a car or vacation thus increasing the consumption which increases the production in-turn increasing the demand for more jobs thus improving the economy.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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