The Ethical Considerations of International Students Transferring College Credits – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Ethical Considerations of International Students Transferring College Credits" is a great example of a research paper on social science. Transfer of college credits simply implies transferring of the performance or the hours that a person has been in class from one institution to the other. Transferring this information for the international students is not only ethical but also advantageous and beneficial for them. This is because since the credits indicate attendance, they may play a critical role in determining whether the student would be accepted in a specific college or not.

This is because they show how committed an individual is. In addition, the admitting institutions can benefit from the information provided by the credits of the transferring individual mostly because they can predict how the individual would perform when admitted to the institution. Therefore, credit transfer is justifiable from the perspective of decision-making. Credit transfer can also be said to be ethical because it ensures that the student does not waste time sitting for classes that had already been sat for. Therefore, when an international student is allowed to transfer their credits, they get the opportunity of picking up where they left in the former institution when admitted to the new institution.

Moreover, credit transfer is ethically justifiable in that it saves resources in the form of finances. This is because credit transfer ensures that an individual does not study classes that they have already taken, which requires more money. In addition, if an individual has completed one undergraduate qualification and they are seeking to start another undergraduate qualification, they may have the advantage of having fewer papers counted towards both qualifications.

This then ascertains that college credit transfer for international students is ethically justifiable and beneficial in many ways mostly for the subject student.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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