Analysis Work of the Condell Park Neighbourhood Center – Report Example

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The paper "Analysis Work of the Condell Park Neighbourhood Center"  is a  remarkable example of a report on education. The Condell Park Neighbourhood center recently received $10,000.00 for the provision of services to children. The founders hope that the funds will benefit the children in the local community for a period of five years. This report comprises of an agenda for a 01.08.2012 meeting and two draft proposals for discussion. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows; Agenda for Management Committee meeting to be held on 1st August 2012 at the Neighbourhood Community Centre Meeting Room. Briefing of the outcome of a meeting with Program Managers and Leaders. Activities/ Requirements for Condell Park Neighbourhood Centre Budget allocation of $10,000 funds received (Discuss two proposals at hand) A.

O. B The following are two proposals that the management committee needs to discuss and deliberate on and come up with a final one for implementation in the next five years. Namely: New Playground equipment for after school care program Expansion of the Breakfast program to ten other schools from the current five. Condell Park Neighbourhood Community Centre 5th Cornwell Street, Harvey Way, App 34G, Tel. 200 548 555 Proposal for provision of new playground equipment at Condell Park Centre: After School Care Neighbourhood program. Introduction Condell Park Neighbourhood Centre was founded in May 2008 by the Condell community members who realized the need for recreational facilities for children in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood center consists of members who are parents and adults and youth. Members selected a working committee comprising of a Program Coordinator, Manager, Leaders, Secretary and Treasurer. The Centre has the following activities and programs: After school care Support group for young parents, information and referral and advocacy Breakfast program for school-aged children at five local primary schools Youth activates program and A day-care program for frail aged. Objectives of the after school care program The aim of the after school care program is to provide recreational activities after school hours to children to keep them pre-occupied.

This prevents students from engaging in violence and other crime-related activities while at the same time encouraging the development of responsible adults. Activities of the after school care program The activities of the after school care program include; Homework assistance whereby students are taken through tuition, mentoring and use of computer laboratory, Nutrition Education whereby students are taken through the promotion of healthy lifestyles to combat obesity and Tennis instructions whereby students who are interested learn basic tennis skills. Beneficiaries of the program Beneficiaries to the program are young children between the ages of four to fourteen who have to engage in the first two compulsory activities but who may or may not wish to engage in Tennis Instructions classes.

The program has volunteer corps who avail themselves to work with the children on improving their academic skills by reading aloud to the students and giving quizzes and tapes to improve comprehension.

In the computer lab, they help students sharpen their research skills and also their keyboard skills. The need for After School Care playground equipment The After School Care program needs new playground equipment in the form of outdoor aerobics which can be used by children of all ages. This will be especially helpful to students who have not enrolled in the tennis instruction classes as they will get a chance to perform some physical exercises for their well-being.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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