Analysis of Cell Phone Comparisons – Report Example

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  The paper "Analysis of Cell Phone Comparisons" is a great example of a report on information technology.   I am enclosing the report on Comparison made of five models of cell phones of different brands for a cell phone user. It contains the features of different cell phones their strengths, USP, etc, and a recommendation as to what a user can buy. To understand this report I expect the reader to know what he is looking for when he wants to buy one. I believe that it would be easier to choose if one is clear of what one wants when he is going in for a cell phone.

So I expect the reader to be clear in his requirement before he looks into this report. I have built this report on visiting a number of sites, whose references you will find in the report, and also laid emphasis on basic and widely used features. You will find that the cell user will have the prices, functions, physical ease of use, and practical points like a stand by time compared in this document. After comparing the brands and the models on basic and practical features, they have been compared for the additional feature like camera resolution since this is widely used by all the cell phone users.

On all these grounds Nokia 6230i has surfaced as the best buy due to the lower prices than the other competitors.   Cell Phones: A Comparative study of Brands and Models Summary Although a mobile phone is a simple instrument to make and receive calls, it has developed into a very complex, sophisticated, and multiple-use product. Making and receiving calls is obviously the basic function of a mobile phone but apart from this, there are few features that have become basic like SMS or phone book or even games and there are features that have become popular recently like- web surfing, camera or music player.

While choosing and comparing mobile phones, there are certain features that should be taken into account. These could be listed as- Weight, size, messaging, email, MMS, color display, WAP, IrDA, Bluetooth, GPRS, and other things like java, radio, camera, video camera, MP3 player, etc. The list of possible features is very extensive.

So first of all one needs one’ s needs and then looks for features related to that. Ideally one should not be buying anything one does not need. One should consider the basic design like block or candy bar phones, flip phones, or maybe swivel flip or slider phone.    


Moore ,John Frederick, How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone (Osborne-McGraw, November 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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