Aspects Pertaining to Fire and Rescue Activities – Report Example

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The paper "Aspects Pertaining to Fire and Rescue Activities " is a wonderful example of a report on engineering and construction.   The subject critical reflection report is based on the research project conducted on fire and rescue service. The conducted research was based on some fundamental elements regarding fire and as well as the entire process of controlling and managing the same. As it is well known, a fire outbreak is considered to be one of the destructive and disastrous catastrophes that are experienced a day in and day out in nature.

This critical reflective report revolves around the fundamentals of fire as well as the rescue experiences concerned to fire as presented in the research project. Services concerning fire and rescue services are prone to deal with various emergency cases. There is a great variation in the duties and responsibilities geared to control and prevention of the situation by both the fire rescue team and the non-fire rescue team. The non-fire rescue team is known for performing the non-fire rescue activities that comprise of the chemical spillages on road crash work thus superimposing a great responsibility to the firefighters within the community. Aims of a Critical Reflective Report The research report is mainly developed to create awareness for people on various aspects pertaining to fire and rescue activities.

Clear perception is created on the essence of imposing knowledge of responsibility to every individual in the fire outbreak vicinity. The report aims at venturing into various duties and responsibilities of the fire and rescue services. A fundamental ideology to note in this report is that the research conducted basically dwelt on the services rendered to the fire incidences with the aim of controlling.

The entire process is actually facilitated by the fire and rescue team that their performance is based on the training capacity to nurture and streamline professionalism. Critical Reflective Report Objectives The following are some of the proposed objectives in the critical reflective report based on the research study regarding the fire and rescue services. To deduce various procedural implications of fire and rescue services in the community. To evaluate the core duties and responsibilities pertaining to the practice of fire and rescue service under procedural implications of fire


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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