A Comparative Review between Two Websites in Terms of Their Layout and Content – Report Example

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The paper "A Comparative Review between Two Websites in Terms of Their Layout and Content"  is an outstanding example of a report on information technology. Introduction: A website is for intents and purposes one of the better methods of business communication and marketing with minimal input costs. The contemporary website is the first window that a consumer sees about a given product while he ponders a purchase. A website, therefore, is in many cases, the force that would hinder or aid a sale. A bad website can actually hurt the business prospects of a given venture. Executive Summary: One must remember that internet consumers are difficult as a crowd to attract and hold given the vast variety of products available to them.

If a given site does not look appealing, the idea transmitted is that the business is probably as bad as well. This might or might not be a fair assessment but it would happen nonetheless. It is not necessary for a website to have a state of the art design for the website in order to attract and hold the consumer’ s attention.

There are just a certain number of criteria that a website should satisfy in terms of layout and design to produce desired results as far as the promotion of the product is concerned. The following report will put forward a comparative review between two websites in terms of their layout and content, thereby providing a set of merits and demerits for each of the websites for future reference and corrective actions. The Websites: The websites under consideration have been formed for the purpose of the review is the official website for the “ Gabriel Method” and “ Ticketmaster” .

At the very beginning of the report, it might be useful to state that the two websites have been created for two completely different purposes and as such there would be fundamental differences in their manner of working and the way in which they choose to present themselves. The Gabriel Method is in essence a promotional website-a site that chooses to promote and advertise the book and the CD in the short term and the Gabriel Method as a scheme of diet and weight loss in the longer run.

Ticketmaster on the other hand is a website that has been created mostly for surfing and downloading purposes. It is more like a search engine than other things and provides links and information about music, sports, and art a theatre among other things. The layout of the two websites would, therefore, differ in a structural manner. Having said this one could analyze the two websites against the yardstick requirements of the basic format that is requisite in a correct website-related format. Content- The most important factor in any given mechanism is content.

The issue with respect to the Gabriel website is that it is a primarily promotional website the website is full of speeches, writings, and testimonials that recommend the method as being effective. But there are problems here given the fact that after a while the matter seems to look more like propaganda and less like an effective dietary program given the fact that there is no real, tangible information available on the website with respect to the actual intricacies of the method. The website, therefore, commits the cardinal sin of having been designed on the presumption that it being an offshoot of design there was no real need to focus on website content.

Most stories are a year old which would further mean that the craze must have died down. Ticket master on the other hand hits the jackpot with respect to content as the website is extremely rich in that particular arena. Content writing on the website is clear and concise, information available is compact and doesn’ t take one age to find.


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