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The paper "Visual Text Analysis" is a great example of report on education. The description  of the content in the media follows a distinctive description and analysis. The most classic and frequently applied strategy is quantitative content analysis. This boils down to counting and measurement of particular aspects of the media content. For instance, the occurrence of particular themes in a newspaper such as crime and politics calls for better analysis and understanding of such articles and images (Koch, Heimerl & Ertl, 2013). Text analysis normally emphasizes audiovisual and visual texts communicated through means of film and television.

The visual text analysis will focus on the movie known as slumdog millionaire and the three idiots, which are both Bollywood production. The two movies have Indian settings, and therefore visual text analysis will be fruitful. Slumdog and the three idiots The slumdog millionaire is a story of a young Indian boy (Jamal Malik) who has grown in the streets. Jamal Malik is an orphan, and his mother died during the civil war between Indians and Muslims. After the death of a mother, the boy lives with brother Salim in the streets though Salim eventually becomes a thief.

Latika is the Jamal love though she has gone astray Karim, K. (1998), The problems and challenges that Jamal faces in the street makes him have a broad knowledge that even professors could not get. He participates in the biggest game in Mumbai of who wants to be a millionaire. He answers all questions correct the fact that makes the sponsors think that he is cheating. He goes through torture but eventually, he wins the twenty million rupees and gets back his girl by the name Latika (Boyle, 2009).

On the other hand, three idiots is a movie that describes three friends in college in Mumbai. The three friends are Farhan, Raju, and Rancho. The movie starts when the two friends embark on finding their lost friend Rancho, who made a great step towards changing their destiny. Rancho, a bright student, contributed heavily to changing of their friends through making them understand that success follows where there is excellence (Hirani, 2011). The two pieces of literature are crucial in demonstrating visual text analysis. Audience targeted by the three idiots and the slumdog In visual text analysis, it is important to know the ideal audience that a given piece of work targets.

For instance, in the movie three idiots the audience is the society, parents, teachers, and the students. The Indian system of education emphasizes rote learning than practicality. Many students want to cram definitions and literature without knowing the meaning behind it. Moreover, some of the students want to get an education to fight poverty. Rancho, who is the protagonist in the movie, wants to show that education is not all about rote learning.

Instead, it should involve practicalities and skills that will help people overcome the challenges in life. Viru is the school principal and encourages memorization rather than practicality (Koch, Heimerl & Ertl, 2013). Rancho discourages memorization when he inserts ridiculous words in the report made by their friend. The boy memorizes the speech without taking into account the meaning of the words. He dramatizes an abusive report on teachers the fact that embarrasses teachers and the minister of education.

This was verification that memorizing is not healthy for learning (Doerr & Mattoni, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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