Strategic Plan for Companionate Childhood Centre – Report Example

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The paper "Strategic Plan for Companionate Childhood Centre" is a great example of a report on social science. Compassionate Child Care Association is a child care center that has been operational since the year 1992. The organization has two centers, both located in Tasmania, Australia. One of these centers is along Davey street and hence known as Davey Street Day Care Center and it mainly offers long day child care services while the other is along Macquarie street and hence the name Macquarie Street Day Care Center, which mainly provides after school and vacation child care.

Both of these centers are strategically placed, close to almost five schools, and hence highly convenient for the ever-busy parents. The Davey street center was established in the year 1992 and has a capacity of 120 children. Macquarie center was established five years later and has a capacity of 80 children. Currently, the two Davey street stands at 85% occupancy and Macquarie street stands at 90% occupancy. The early childhood center has a high reputation due to its ability to offer various child care benefits to its customers.

Currently, the whole organization has 45 employees ranging from permanent, part-time and casual. This organization operates on a not-for-profit basis. The governing committee is elected by the parents and is highly committed to ensuring that the center achieves its organizational goals. Organization Identity According to Albert, et al (2000), an organization's identity represents want an organization stands for. A positive organization identity is therefore highly essential in facilitating an organization in achieving its organizational goals (Dowling 2001). It is argued that a positive organizational identity is a critical element in ensuring a company’ s stability and success.

According to Gioia, Schultz, and Corley (2000), a stable organizational identity is a strategy for selling a company’ s products or services. It is the organization’ s identity that attracts qualified personnel to seek employment within the organization. Apart from hiring the best staff for the company, a solid organizational identity also helps in attracting investors and sponsors, and most important, it helps in winning the public’ s trust and confidence. Therefore, the main objective in relation to organization identity is to create a positive and reputable organization identity for the Compassionate Child Care Association in order to make it stand out from all other similar organizations in the region. A statement of a clear and concise vision or mission is one of the effective ways of building an organizational identity (Barney and Alice 2000).

A mission statement can be defined as the statement of an organization’ s purpose (Albert, et al 2000). On the other hand, a vision statement summarizes the organization's objectives and hence states want an organization to aim to achieve. For any organization to come up with its business objectives, it must first state its business mission and vision statement.

These two are regarded as the foundational guides to the formulation of an organization’ s objectives. Since a mission statement states the purpose of an organization, it acts as a guide for all decision making processes within the organization. The mission statement makes it easy for the company’ s management team to know the decisions that are most appropriate in achieving the stated organizational objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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