A Fire Risk Assessment at an Accommodation Centre for Students – Report Example

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The paper " A Fire Risk Assessment at an Accommodation Centre for Students " is a good example of a report on management. This report is aimed at identifying potential hazards during a fire risk assessment at an accommodation centre for students. This need for a fire risk assessment came about due to numerous students seeking medical treatment as a result of smoke inhalation. In addition, these fires have risked the lives of firefighters with two firefighters getting injured when they sustained minor burns. It is suspected that these fires are attributed to factors relating to the students’ lifestyle.

Therefore, there is a need to identify the hazards and risks involved so that the most applicable means of fire protection, prevention and emergent response can be achieved. Discussion Fire management is very important with regard to fire prevention, control and safety. Good fire management, therefore, entails ensuring safety through ensuring that fire accidents are unlikely but if they occur, they can be easily controlled. In addition, it also entails the ability of individuals to escape from a burning premise easily and swiftly. As an aspect of good fire management, it is very important to periodically carry out a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment is a systematic and organized way of evaluating one’ s premises by focusing on activities carried out within the premise and possible risk factors that predispose the premise to fire hence fatal consequences.

With the help of a fire risk assessment, one is able to ensure that their fire prevention measures, fire precautions and fire safety procedures are in order and functioning appropriately. A fire risk assessment helps one to identify gaps in ensuring good fire management and fire safety.

A fire risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person, one who can identify hazards with ease as they are not new to the activity or the environment. A risk assessment is carried out so as to: Identify the fire hazards involved. Counteract the risk associated with these hazards. Decide on the most applicable precautions will be taken so as to ensure that people inside a premise that catches fire are safe of physical harm. To come up with plausible management arrangements in ensuring fire safety.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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