Aging of Art Audiences: A Current Issue in Art – Report Example

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The paper "Aging of Art Audiences: A Current Issue in Art"  is a brilliant example of a report on social science. Art involves the creation of imagery such as photographs and other forms of visual media. The created art is important within its surroundings because it acts as a form of entertainment especially where visual media is used. Other like photographs and paintings are used in the decoration of houses. During the presentation of performing arts like music, dances, and films, the attraction of audiences is one of the factors that should be considered for the presentation to take place (Allen, 2012, pp44).

Therefore, it is important for the presenters to present their presentation to the right audience and be able to attract a good number of the audience. Nowadays, it presenter finds it difficult to attract many audiences for their presentation, which may be because of various factors like the wrong choice of the audience. This report, therefore, provides cause, findings, recommendations and research methods that result in poor turn over during arts presentations in the present world. Background of the Research Report: This report, which is based on the top “ Aging of Art Audience: A Current Issue in Arts” , is a report conducted to gather information and find some causes and solutions to poor turn over during the presentation of various arts.

Without audiences, presentation of the arts cannot take place; therefore, presenters should be able to attract an audience during their presentation. This has been one of the problems of the presenter in the modern days resulting in low income in their area of specialization (Allen, 2012, pp44). During the research, it was found that one of the causes of poor attraction of the audience during representation is lack of exposure, especially to the younger generation.

Rapid development in the sector of Information Technology has diverted the attention of the younger generation in the artistic work because they concentrate on another site like the internet that provides many artistic works either freely or at cheaper prices. Therefore, adequate information over the internet attracts the younger generation making it difficult for the artist to attract a good number of audiences during their presentation. Due to high charges by the theater halls and the artist during their presentation, is also another cause of poor attraction during presentation many audiences because they believe they can get the same taste of entertainment over the internet or other forms of communications such as through televisions and radios (Allen, 2012, pp44).

The research also showed that poor audiences’ attendance during artists’ presentations is the lack of ideas by the artist. In modern days, younger generations are used to different varieties of artwork because they are all over.

Therefore, for them to be attracted to any form of artist presentation they must be convinced that the presentation is unique from the artist works they are used for; this helps them to avoid monopoly. During the research, it was also noted that the choice of location and audience is another factor that greatly contributes to the absence of audiences during the presentation. Before any presentation is held, it is important for the artist to consider the location where the presentation is to take place. The targeted audience would mostly trigger this decision.

For instance, it would be wrong for an artist to present performance that targets the older generation to the younger people. This will result in poor attendance by the audience because the work is for the wrong group (Allen, 2012, pp44). During a performance, especially dancing, poetry and dancing performance, it is required for the performance to produce good performances in order to entertain the audiences. Some of the practices that most audience requires include the use of facial expressions and uniformity in the performance. These give the audience an easy time in following and understanding the performances.

Through meeting all these conditions, an artist will be able to attract many audiences during his or her performance.


Allen, PB, 2012, ‘Art in Action: Express Arts Therapy and Social Change’, Journal of the American Art Therapy, 29, 1, pp. 44-45. Doi: 10.1080/0721656.2011.648582
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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