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The paper "Music Industry - How It Works" is an outstanding example of a music report.   Sound and music industry work in collaboration with other broader entertainment industry. This is because the sound and music industry is more or less of a department in the entertainment industry. Sound and music department are designed to prepare the artist for a variety of alternative careers in the arts and entertainment industries. The sound and music industry department mainly concentrate on commercial styles of music such as areas of Performance, Singer/Songwriter, Music Business, and Recording Art (Pecknold 13). Music industry comprises 4 main areas  and they are: Live performance Record companies Music publishing companies Artist management 1.

Live performance Firstly, live performance entails things such as setting up and promoting live performances, health, and safety, tour management,   management, retailing, backstage, front of the house, performing rights. Promoting a Live execution is a vital angle in the course of setting up a live performance. On the off chance, that the artist does not promote a gig then individuals may not be mindful of the performance itself. So promoting live exhibitions is a method for urging individuals to go to the performance and increasing enthusiasm from a fan base.

There is a wide range of techniques for promotion, one of them would be assembling the right materials, for example, blurbs to set up on dividers and in shops, free demo disc presents and even squeeze discharge. An extremely basic strategy for advancement nowadays is through long-range informal communication administrations, for example, Twitter and Facebook, this sort of advancement are known as popular promoting (Wallis 27). Health and safety Health and Safety is dependably a real issue to consider when arranging for a performance.

Promoters need to verify that everyone is safe and no mischief can come to them. Before the show, a risk evaluation needs to occur to minimize any health and security issues. Health and security issues will rely on upon the venue the show will occur as they may all have distinctive insurances. Tour managers Tour managers have the roles of planning, marketing and promoting a tour for artists seeking recognition in the music industry. They strategize on things such as transport, accommodation, and venues for the gig.   The main aim of a tour manager is to ensure all the band and crew are contented, and verifying that the tour is smoothly running.

The primary expenses of this business recommendation will be spent on settlement, transport, gear and the team included on the visit. The littler tours will be controlled by road supervisors rather than tour managers. For bigger exhibitions on the tour, they will be dealt with by the bands booking specialists. The booking specialists live up to expectations with the promoters so they can put the demonstrations in suitable venues for the sort of music There is a contrast between tour managers and Event managers.

Event managers can orchestrate on several occasions. Even managers are frequently in charge of planning, creating dates, acquisition of liquor grants, facilitating transport and accommodation, parking, event backing, and security

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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