Ad Fire and Rescue Service – Report Example

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The paper "Ad Fire and Rescue Service" is a good example of a report on social science.   INTRODUCTION AND CURRICULUM VITAE 1.1 Having been employed by the AD Fire and Rescue Service as a member of the watch manager's team with the current role of Incident Intelligence Officer. My employment with the AD Fire and Rescue Service started way back in… … .and my main role with the company is that of supporting and conducting fire investigation in AD when the fire in question involves financial loss, criminal arson, serious injury, and fatalities.

Having investigated fires of varying magnitude and nature in my career and having completed all Fire Service statutory promotion exams, I would say my entry into the Institute of Fire Engineers through examination was a great achievement in my career. 1.2 My current posting is based at the AD FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE, as a Watch Manager which falls under the fire investigations department. 1.3 photographs that are/will be mentioned in this report will be found in the Appendix section. 1.4 It is very important to note that the comments and/or opinions that may/will be expressed in the report will/are based on the information provided to me meaning that any additional information provided will lead to an alteration to the same or amend them. 2 DESCRIPTION OF THE PREMISES 2.1 The Scarborough Civic Hall was constructed in 1965 as a public utility hall that comprised catering facilities, a bar, and recreational facilities (stage and dance floor).

The hall had consisted of laminated timber portal frames that had stud framed walls, there was fiber boarding to the inside while the cedar boarding was on the outside.

Internally, the wall linings had been of plasterboard with glass fiber to fill in. There was a vaulted roof mainly made of timber particle board that had layers of bitumen while the floor of the building was that of concrete (see Appendix A).   The main hall had six double fluorescent tubes were used to illuminate the main hall, the tubes were designed to run down on either side of the ceiling, the tubes were situated approximately past midway up the vault.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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