Fire Engineering – Report Example

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The paper "Fire Engineering" is a great example of a report on engineering and construction. Smoke control in warehouse is very important in ensuring that in case of fire it is controlled. Therefore airflow into and out of plays an important role in managing fire in a warehouse. This means ventilation should be designed to allow smoke to escape from the building. If proper ventilation is not provided property may be lost due to collapse as a result of pressure from smoke and heat from the fire. Smoke is said to be stratified and needs to be cooled down by fresh air and the release of heat.

Smoke is known to move upward therefore the height of the building is very important. The height will enable evacuators to push smoke from the fire in order to be in a position to save life and property. Smoke control ventilation for the warehouse should be designed based on the type of inventory stored. Flammable materials stored in warehouse will require large ventilation for evacuation and release of smoke. This means ventilation will depend in pressure that is likely to calculate during the fire period.

However, there is a difference between the wall and ceiling ventilation when it comes to smoke control and burning rate (Bishop and Drysdale, 1995). Two vent wall case and single wall vent can also be related. In the case of a uniform temperature compartment where there is a steady flow with air flowing through the lower vent; it is possible to show by hydrostatics and Bernoulli flow that it is possible to compute the mass flow. Usually, the pressure is determined by the temperature flow of air and other atmospheric conditions. In design, a model for controlling fire and smoke, heat release rate, and ventilation size plays an important.

The model usually relies on the physical and chemical relationships where fail us scenarios are determined. In a warehouse, a two-zone model is designed that is one zone which will control volume near the ceiling and another near the ground with cooled air. In designing this model temperature, pressure, density, and airflow are taken into consideration. Basic building information The building is a warehouse that stores goods on transit and the warehouse is near the port.

The warehouse should have an exterior staircase, should have also interior fans, lighting lights should be on the ceiling as well as on the walls. There should be a walkway which will be used with employees. The fire proposed in modeling is assumed to have a capacity of the heat of 6000kw inside the warehouse. All conditions within the warehouse at the time it is carrying goods have been taken into consideration. The height of the walls of the building has been assumed to be 25feet in which 15 is assumed to be the smoke zone.

The rate at which air is entering the building is assumed to be 300feet per minute.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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