Domain Modeling and Requirements Specification Using Uml – Report Example

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The paper "Domain Modeling and Requirements Specification Using Uml" is a great example of a lab report on logic and programming. This report is intended to help in designing a system that will be used by Bill Wiley to manage the business of package picking. The audience that is intended to benefit from this report is the stakeholders in the business. This report is particularly intended to be used by Bill, the owner of the business. It was written so that it captures the main issues that need to be considered when developing the system.

It will be helpful for system developers. Before a system is developed, there is a need to have a clear analysis of the system which is being developed so that the main issues that are on the ground are captured. It is therefore intended for system analysts and software developers so that they will get what the new system is to capture. The main outcome of the report is that an extensive web-based system should be designed that will capture all the requirements. It found out that the interactivity of the system should be taken into consideration as the system will be accessed from many places.

For this reason, there should be a good update system that will enable changes to be captured effectively. Shift and Swift Courier Automated System Executive summary With the advent of information systems, the importance of system analysis cannot be understated. This process is an important one as it helps to get the gist of the system that is being developed. The new system to be developed needs to be up to date and solves the problem that has been stated.

It also helps eradicate bugs and errors that come up. This paper will look at the design issues and the blue-print of the system that will be developed for Shift and Swift System. The paper will come up with design issues that need to be considered when designing the system.   Table of contents Introduction System design and analysis require a lot of issues that need to be looked into when undertaking the design of any new system. There is a need to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the users who will use the system.

In system analysis, the UML use cases and entity-relationship management are among the things that need to be looked into. This paper will look at the use case and other design issues that need to be considered in the new proposed system. Case background Shift and Swift Courier is a company that deals with the shipment of items from source to destination. It is based in Melbourne and has Bill Wiley as the CEO and director. The system has been operating manually without any automation.

There has been therefore a need to automate processes and this is what the paper will work on. Request for Information System Services SUBMITTED BY (key user contact) EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority) NameName NameBill Wiley TitleAnalyst/ Programmer TitleOwner Office Office Phone ext. 432 Phone ext. 233 TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED: Information Strategy PlanningExisting Application Enhancement Business Process Analysis and RedesignExisting Application Maintenance (problem fix) New Application DevelopmentNot Sure


Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Roth, R. (2008). System analysis and design. New York: John Wiley & Sons.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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