Communication, Delegation and Empowerment – Report Example

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The paper "Communication, Delegation and Empowerment" is a wonderful example of a report on social science. Leadership, as it has been defined on many occasions is the ability to influence (Drennan & Richey). Regardless of the organization, setup and any other affiliation that may bring some differences, a successful leader is the one who has the ability to influence. Of the many characteristics of good leaders, the ability to effectively communicate is very essential. According to Miller (2010), communication is an art. It involves speaking and listening which implies that it is receptive as well as expressive.

Communication in this context is the ability to relay a message across a certain media. The effectiveness of communication is when the sender and the receiver express an understanding of the message that was transmitted. Therefore, a good leader is the one who is in a position to effectively communicate a message across to the audience. In the context of children, this is very crucial. It has a role in the growth and development of a child. Just like any other person who requires sufficient mentorship to achieve certain goals in life, children require effective leadership to attain specific levels in life.

The children as well require an environment that will promote their growth and development. Communication skills are an ingredient that helps create this kind of environment. Good communication leads to a cohesively organized institution that facilitates the development of the student. The essence of good communication skills when working ina childcare center can never be overemphasized. It determines the quality of the environment from which learning among children goes on. Through communication, the management is in a position to transmit information and knowledge to the whole institution.

According to Nobile & McCormick (2008), the ability to effectively communicate enables the management to effectively communicate strategies of the organizations to the stakeholders. These strategies can be in the form of acquisition of resources that will assist the organization achieve its goals. Failure to communicate effectively will lead to a breakdown in important activities of the organization. It is a skill that enables one to cause things to happen in the organization. In a situation of a childcare center, these policies and directly affect the welfare of children.

When strategies are effectively designed and communicated, the children will be in a position to access all that is required for their growth. Besides, good communications are essential when it comes to conflict resolution especially between workers and other stakeholders (Alysa, 2005). The leader who can effectively communicate is better placed to handle this kind of challenge that occurs almost on a regular basis. This can be best understood from the point of first understanding the implications of conflicts in an organization.

These include termination of services being offered to children. A leader, who is endowed with the ability to effectively communicate, will not only help solve conflicts but also prevent such issues from emerging in the future. In so doing, this will be creating an environment that supports the well-being of students. This comes with a bunch of benefits not only to the children but also to the entire organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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