Buyer Behaviour in Retail Context – Report Example

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The paper "Buyer Behaviour in Retail Context" is a good example of a report on marketing.   Consumer or buyer behaviour is an important area of marketing which should be given utmost importance. Marketing in all areas is done with the consumer in the mind, as he is the ultimate person going to use the products. The success of a business depends on the satisfaction of the customer. So understanding consumer behaviour is very essential to improve and sustain the sales of any product. The field of Buyer behaviour deals with the factors influencing or associated with the decision making process of the purchase.

There are two types of buyers. One is the purchase by the retail customer or end-user spending his own money. He is the retail consumer. The second category is the purchase made on behalf of a business or any organization. Here the buyer does not spend his own money and only represents his business. He is a business buyer or consumer. The sales to the former are known as business to consumer and the later as business-to-business. There are wide variations with respect to the selling concepts and the buying behaviours of both the above. For any salesperson to be successful in the process of selling, either to a direct consumer or to a business, understanding his consumer is of paramount importance.

He should understand the needs and requirements of the customer and be able to evaluate the major factors that would influence the customer’ s choice. This broad outline is the main similarity between selling to both the groups of buyers. More than the similarities, differences are more in the buying behaviours of a retail consumer and a business consumer. The conditions affecting the buying behaviour of retail consumer are more varied in nature when compared to that of the business consumer.

In this report, the selling situations to both the categories are discussed through two examples and the buying criteria, buying methods, similarities and the differences between both would be analyzed. However, before that brief descriptions about the factors associated with the buying behaviours of both the groups of buyers are given. A retail consumer takes a buying decision mainly to satisfy his requirement and for his personal use.

He looks out for personal gains and satisfaction. The main factors influencing his behaviour are psychological, social and economic in nature.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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