Broadway Training Partners New Training Centre – Report Example

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The paper "Broadway Training Partners’ New Training Centre" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. The success in securing clients and the rising demand for corporate training has prompted Broadway Training Partners (BTP) to create a new training centre. The technology components project, a sub-project of the larger New Training Centre project, provides the technology components and support systems for the new centre. The new system and network will allow BTP to double the courses run yearly and support 10 more major corporate clients. The main stakeholders include Ms Allanah Jones - Chief Executive Officer, James Franklin – Chief Financial Officer, Wilson Stuart – GM Training, Bill Washington – Chief Information Officer, Ashley Kate – Group Manager Customer Service, and Warren James – Group Manager Sales and Marketing.

The project scope and deliverables include an IT architecture plan; hardware, software, database management system, infrastructure purchase and security solution purchase and their installation; transfer of existing business applications and data; staff and user training; test and evaluation, and going live with the full system. Maintenance of the system and network, refurbishment of the training centre and availing of training and breakout rooms are out of scope for this sub-project.

Finishing the project by May 2013, growth of BTP to a leader in corporate training, and ability of system/network to support increased courses and clients are the success criteria. Broadway Training Partners (BTP) is a corporate training provider offering various training courses in areas such as management skills, technical skills and executive training. After securing a number of major clients the company decided to develop a New Training Centre to meet the rising demand for corporate training.

It commissioned the New Training Centre Project to accomplish its aim. The focus of this document, however, is the technology components sub-project which is part of the New Training Centre project. The sub-project addresses the technology to be utilized in the training facilities as well as the support systems for managing the New Training Centre. Its emphasis is on the hardware, training software, network infrastructure, and security solutions for the new training centre. Project’ s Measurable Organization Value (MOV) The following are the measurable organization value of the project: The new system and network will allow BTP to double the number of training courses run yearly. The system and network will also support not only the existing clients but also the additional 10 major corporate clients that BPT plans to secure. Project Stakeholders The table below highlights the major stakeholders of the project. Table 1 - Major stakeholders of the project and their details Name Position Email Phone Number Ms Allanah Jones Chief Executive Officer (CEO) allanahjones@btp. com. au 042451867910 James Franklin Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jamesfranlin@btp. com. au 042457867765 Wilson Stuart GM-Training wilsonstuart@btp. com. au 042458442384 Bill Washington Chief Information Officer (CIO) billwashingtom@btp. com. au 042459823233 Ashley Kate Group manager (GM) -Customer Service ashleykate@btp. com. au 042456344344 Warren James Group Manager (GM) -Sales and Marketing warrenjames@btp. com. au 042459343433 Steve Jobs Project manager stevejobs@btp. com. au 042452856584 Assumptions The following assumptions were made: The training software solution selected includes Course Development, Training Bookings, and Content Management systems. The operating systems packages to be purchased include the Web server software and DNS system. The internet service provider selected provides the wireless router needed to connect the wireless local area network (LAN) to the Internet. The antivirus software selected in addition to fighting antiviruses provides protection against malware and adware.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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