BIM in Civil Infrastructure Planning, Design, Construction and Management – Report Example

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The paper " BIM in Civil Infrastructure Planning, Design, Construction and Management" is a great example of a report on design and technology. Autodesk technology is giving civil engineers and architects a facility for planning, designing, managing, and construction of infrastructure with a powerful tool that makes work easier. This building information modeling technology reduces the cost of building the entire project ensuring project quality is maintained as well as delivery time is affected positively. Professionals in infrastructure development worldwide have been affected positively by this technology by ensuring their work is improved it ensures project stakeholders are integrated and collaborate during the entire project.

It provides support for construction, design, and management. According to Ian McGregor, Building Information Modelling provides tools for civil infrastructure planning, designing, construction, and management. According to him, these tools help in planning projects in the civil infrastructure sector. The tools provide a medium for planning, designing, building, and managing. It helps in avoiding data loss which will be kept in multiple files if Autodesk technology is not used. It has a high return in investments as well as saves project time up to 80%.

In other words, BIM is beneficial to both the client and the professionals involved in the project. The main aim of this paper is to critically review the presentation made by Ian McGregor in the topic BIM in civil infrastructure planning, design, construction, and management who is a product manager. In his paper, he has highlighted the importance of BIM and where it has been applied as well as the work that is involved in. To begin with, the key elements of the talk will be highlighted.

Then it will be followed by the sources that he used in his research that led to the presentation. Then the critical section of the seminar will be discussed where his presentation will be evaluated in terms of content and communication skills employed by the author. Relevant literature will be identified in order to give the reader of this report an understanding of the topic that was covered in the seminar. Lastly, a conclusion could be given for the report. Key elements of the Talk To begin with, the author has highlighted BIM technology as a technology that can be used to design various items.

He has used it to design a picture of a baby under the subtitle Return of the Evian Babies. He has used this to show the extend at which Autodesk can be used in the design. This has explained the use of BIM in design. He has explained how it can be used in capturing an infrastructure when it is being constructed. The second element captured by the author or the presenter in the seminar is the concept of planning and designing.

He has demonstrated how BIM is used in planning and designing of infrastructure by demonstrating using various examples. He has shown how it can be used in designing and infrastructure in a city. He has shown structural designs emanating from imaginations of an individual how infrastructure will look when it is complete. The third key element dealt with talk is how Autodesk is used in designing. The presenter has explained that BIM is a data-driven design that helps designers perform their work efficiently by employing digital prototyping in their work.

Another element mentioned is the number of customers enjoying the services of Autodesk. He has mentioned 800,000 companies with 10,000,000 users around the world.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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