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The paper "Australia Today: Analysis The Federation Square" is a wonderful example of a report on history.   Federation Square Tour homes major cultural attractions in Australia. It is also home to the amazing tourism experiences, restaurants, specialty stores, and bars and organizes world-class events. The Federation square, also known as the Red Square, is under the management of Fed Square Pty Limited that was established in 1999 by the Government of Victoria (Fed Square Pty Ltd. 2016). The responsibility of the Fed Square is managing and co-ordinating self-governing tenancies, marketing, and programming of public spaces as well as all aspects of assets development and management.

The Fed Square tour opened in 2002 and since then it has had visits more than 100 million and is named as the sixth-best Public Square in the world (Fed Square Pty Ltd. 2016). The Federation Square focus on beg, an internationally recognized contemporary world site, as well as being the best inspirational public square that aims at building and maintaining the ownership and attachment that is developed by the Victorians as well as embrace the Fed Square.

It also seeks recognition as the best public places in the world (Fed Square Pty Ltd. 2016). Federation Square Tour Site The Federation Square tour is a site of shopping and tourist ideas and activities. Federation Square tour site is situated on 3.2 hectares of land that is cantered in the city of Melbourne. The site provides its visitors with a chance to experience Melbourne and celebrate the achievements made by the heroes of Melbourne as well as the cultural festivals. The site also provides visitors with a chance to learn through galleries, educational programs, and exhibitions and connects different cultures within the city and all over the world.

The site focuses on four concepts, which include celebrate, learn, innovate, and connect. The idea of creating a federation square dated back in 1968 when the Melbourne city council developed a city square whose planning and redevelopment in the 1990s failed. After this failure, the government sought to try to design a new square. The design of the Federation square was made in 1997 after which the construction activities started in the same year and were opened to the public in October 2002.

The Fed Square Pty Limited was given the responsibility to manage the Federation Square site (Fed Square Pty Ltd. 2016). The Illustration of the Australian History & Society by Federation Square Tour The Federation Square focuses on celebrating, learning, innovation, and connecting people with the Australian History and Society in relation to culture. It is home to Ian Potters centers, which is a gallery that is dedicated exclusively to Australian Art. The center comprises of 20 galleries that are housed within the Fed Square and displays the history of Australian art right from the colonial periods to the contemporary art.

The center consists of drawings and prints, textiles and fashion, photographs, and decorative arts. The canter also has a suit that displays Strait Islander and Aboriginal art as well as Australian modern art (Culture Victoria, 2014). Federation Square is also home to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), which in every form preserves, promotes, and exhibits Australians as well as international screen content in every form. ACMI uses Australia award-winning festivals, films creative workshops, live events, and educational programs to display and celebrate the Australian society and culture through moving images.

The center is major learning, cultural, and tourism attraction site since it acts as a meeting place for people to socialize and helps them learn and celebrate their culture, history, and society (Culture Victoria 2014). Fed Square also houses the Australian Racing Museum and the Hall of Fame, which tells stories of Australia thoroughbred racing and provides the history of Sports of Kings. The racing Museum provides an understanding and awareness of Australian racing heritage at the same time developing, promoting, and interpreting the racing heritage collection.

The Museum has a champion: Thoroughbred-racing gallery, which houses the most important and beautiful, treasures in the history of Australian horseracing and other precious things that can only be found in the gallery. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to the excellent and greatest thoroughbred racing in Australia and holds the highest Accolades in the racing industry in the History of Australia. The Racing Museum also has a resource center that holds a collection of magazines and books related to racing as well as new clippings of the current Australian racing industry.

The museum also has research services that help the society in answering enquires about racing and also holds all fact sheets consisting of information on how the major wins were bred and the highlights of the careers of the greatest racing champion horses (Culture Victoria 2014). Federation Square also houses the Melbourne Visitors Centre and the National Design Centre. The Melbourne Visitor Centre is a one-stop-shop where visitors can find all the information about Melbourne and Victoria’ s events attractions, accommodation among others.

The National Design Centre consists of a Show Box gallery space and a retail shop. NDC showcases both the Australian and international excellent work in design (Culture Victoria 2014). Apart from the museum and the galleries, Federation Square holds approximately 2000 events every year of which most highlights the culture and history of Australia. These events are usually free so that they attract local and international tourists. They usually include cultural festivals, concerts, educational programs such as art and historical education, celebration, and exhibitions (Fed Square Pty Ltd.

2015). The Representation of Australian Contemporary Life by Federation Square Federation Square has a contemporary architectural design that consists of cascading and interlocking spaces unlike other public spaces with a traditional architectural design. The site has an open plan that allows it to open to all angles of Melbourne. The contemporary design of the site is an inspiration for the federation of forming a coherent whole from disparate parts. Federation Square also has a modern deck beneath it that is a representation of the contemporary life of Australia.

The deck is the most expensive and the largest railway deck built in Australia and supports the sensitive uses of the square such as the cinemas, television and radio studios, and the galleries. The deck is a representation of the contemporary form of transportation being used in modern Australia (Fed Square Pty Ltd. 2016). Federation Square is a one-stop-shop for visitors. It has bars, cafes, restaurants, retail shops and consists of many attractions and activities within one place making it easier for the visitors. The site has cinemas, retail shops, food outlets, galleries, museums, and open spaces for events that make it a more contemporary place for social interaction and gathering for the locals and international visitors.

It combines modern innovation with the bygone innovation to create a unique site. The site represents the advancement of Australia in relation to technology by using the most current technology in the site such as the Multimedia big screen, top of square screens,   live event streaming, the heightened live multimedia sports focus among others. It also provides its visitors with wireless web access and uses Amazon Web service to replicate its virtual environment to the cloud for disaster recovery purposes.

It also uses modern risk management strategies to avoid accidents. Additionally, Federation Square engages with its visitors through social media within Australia and internationally. The whole of Federation Square is designed and operated in a contemporary manner from its architectural design. The arrangement as a one-stop-shop and activities to the high level of technology used in the site is a representation of contemporary Australian life (Fed Square Pty Ltd, 2015). CONCLUSION Federation Square is one of the greatest social places in Melbourne.

It is a cultural, historical, and modern attraction site that attracts visitors from Australia and outside the country. The site also provides spaces on which events, cultural festivals, exhibitions, workshops, and celebrations take place. Events that occur within this place not only illustrate the society and history of Australia but also other international cultures, history, and societies. It also has museums and galleries that tell stories about the history and society of Australia. Federation Square is a representation of contemporary life in Australia.

This can be attributed to several factors ranging from its modern architectural design, the technology it uses, and the design of a one-stop-shop making it a great attraction site for visitors.    


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