Accident and Catastrophes Investigation Summaries – Report Example

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The paper "Accident and Catastrophes Investigation Summaries" is an excellent example of a report on environmental studies. An accident is a precise, identifiable, unexpected, strange, and involuntary external event that occurs in a particular time and place, without apparent cause but with marked effects to people, animals, and property. A catastrophe is any dangerous and severe event that involves more than a hundred people or causes more than one million dollars' worth of damage to property or the environment and can be caused by both humans and nature. Accidents and catastrophes happen every moment and most often unexpectedly.

Some can be through the carelessness of man while others are natural. Civilization has passed so many accidents and catastrophes to the lives of people. Such disasters can be man-made for example explosions, fires, terrorism, and accidents emanating from devices such as vehicles and other structures. Natural ones can be floods, earthquakes, lightning fires, and storms. Initially, natural disasters are pre-dominated man-made disasters but nowadays, the trend has been reversed with artificial ones taking to the top and so far has claimed a lot of peoples’ lives.

The major man-made disasters have occurred in the twentieth century and this calls for urgent need to reverse this kind of a trend which exposes human beings to fatal accidents produced by the techno-scientific revolutions. Accidents can occur in various ways such as when constructing new buildings, infrastructure, doing installations, through other means of transport, products, and equipment. These are all controlled by the provisions which are either lawful or necessary in order to achieve the contractual goals of safety. The accidents can be specified as follows: A nuclear accident is an event that the probabilities of it involving a radioactive material emission to attack the public health is high and do sometimes occur in the nuclear factory or plant.

The accidents can also occur when the radioactive materials are in transit either by the subway undersea, the batmobile, by pirate, or dromedary. So many accidents have occurred in the world and the major one includes the catastrophe of Chernobyl in the Ukraine of 1986 which occurred in the nuclear plant Lenine located on the banks of the Dniepr (John, 163).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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