4G: The Next Standard Phase in Communication – Report Example

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The paper "4G: The Next Standard Phase in Communication" is a wonderful example of a report on information technology. Advances in technological developments have been transforming communication in the world. This report will take a deep insight into the network and data interchange standards in the world. The report will analyze the developments from 1G to 4G standards. A special focus will be given to 4G, which are the latest standards in the market. With respect to 4G networks, the app will analyze the different bandwidths in various countries which makes it impossible to get gadgets that can work in all parts of the world.

The report will also evaluate the input which the Qualcomm RF360 Chipset, a chip with roaming capabilities, will have on 4G. Sometime this year, this post on the Facebook wall of a friend who had just graduated from the campus’ I would like to dedicate my Degree to Google, You stood by me in my research and especially so in the assignments. To my Samsung Galaxy, I have mad respect for you; you never failed me” stands to be noted.

Oblivious of the fact that the friend may have been using the phone in to accomplish his academic work, one cannot fail to acknowledge the power of mobile telecommunications. Over time, communication has changed from wired to wireless. As at today, a mobile phone is a must-have gadget; in fact, it is sometimes graded with personal items. The mobile phone has also transformed over time. The voice communication gadget of the past 2 decades cannot match the capabilities of modern phones. In fact, they have been labeled smartphones owing to their smart abilities.

The ability of mobile phones and other technology gadgets like laptops and tablets to connect to the internet is a major factor of consideration in modern technologies (Kamaravel S2011, P. 256). The internet and call connectivity speed, voice clarity, the resolution of images and videos, and the clarity of media functions are some of the features of technology gadgets that have been improving over time. The following report will give an in-depth discussion of the 4G standards and other network-based aspects of wireless communication. 2.0 4G Networks 4G is the latest wireless network technology in the market.

As opposed to its predecessor network generations; 4G is not based on an Internet Protocol (IP) which makes it more efficient with respect to data transfer, voice connectivity in addition to other features associated with 4G enabled gadgets. 4G technology has come at a time when there is a high increase in the use of data in the world. On this point, it is important to note that the internet has become a very important communication, networking, and professional aspect of life.

It is a major factor leading to globalization due to its efficiency in connecting people across the world simultaneously. As a result of this, internet service providers have been faced with a problem of providing high-speed data in addition to ensuring that they are able to handle the internet traffic appropriately (Yang 2004, p. 344). This has led to the research and development of networks with the aim of ensuring that the standards of the network match the user demands in the market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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