Peaceful Warrior - A Movie Motivating to Follow Your Dream, Not to Be Paralyzed by Your Fears – Essay Example

The paper "Peaceful Warrior - A Movie Motivating to Follow Your Dream, Not to Be Paralyzed by Your Fears" is an outstanding example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. The first thing that came into mind while watching the movie is that I thought it as a sports movie. Later on, I discovered it is an inspirational movie that is full of insight. The movie basically revolves around gymnastic although some parts displays half-naked and erotic teenagers, it still passes the message that we should surrender chaotic minds and ego if we want to discover ourselves. The movie has personally inspired me. 

The movie is simple but one enjoys watching every moment. I had to watch it more than once to carefully note down some of the most important quotes. All the characters played their roles very well. We are able to point out different personalities and lessons from most of them. It is a great movie based on the true events of the author. It is full of feeling, excitement, and humor. I really appreciate the movie it has no violence, stereotype, slurs nor biasness like most of the movies.
The movie inspires us not to remain down when knocked down by obstacles but follow our dreams and passion. I would recommend everyone who has not watched it yet to do so. The movie subjects us to suspense; we expected it to end in a heroic style. In the end, the screen goes black when we are expecting to see how the judges, coach and fellow sportsmen are shocked. We are left to speculate on whom Socrates was, was he imaginary? Why did he leave without a goodbye or a trace, how did he get up the roof? Did he finally celebrate Dan’s victory? Were the judges embarrassed about their initial verdict? These are among many other questions that we were unable to answer.
The movie is not suitable for young children. The main character, in the beginning, is promiscuous and teens who are struggling to find adventure will most likely collect the message that it is good to sleep with a string of women and end up a hero.

The movie should develop some characters like the parents of most of the campus students including Berkeley, Dan, and Joy. How Joy got to meet and use wisdom learned from Socrates should have been hinted to us. We should have had the opportunity to celebrate Dan, listen to comments of the fellow sportsmen, judges, and coach. We only learn that he got married to Joy through a postscript that appears on the screen, the movie should have developed this theme of love alongside the themes from the beginning of the movie. Joy and Socrates relationship should have been explained, we should be able to know if Joy really knew who Socrates was and his whereabouts.

The movie teaches us that lack of peace and happiness in our current reality is created by a fear that causes restlessness. Fear makes a person react to emotions and instead of confronting it we strive to run away from reality. We should not allow our emotions to drive us. We should have control over our response.
Past experiences and old mentality can be a limitation to an individual. We should not let the past drive us. Leading a happy life is living life at the moment. Our past failures should not hinder us from accomplishing our dreams. Success is within us what we can do and what we cannot do is all in the mind. We should not become victims of limiting beliefs rather we should get rid of all the trash in our mind. The trash is what is limiting us, past failures, fear, and ego. The mind is our biggest problem, it wants to maintain its status quo, to be free from pain, free from life obligations but change is inevitable and the denial will make us live in a crisis. When our minds refuse to unfold, it creates suffering which is objective. We suffer when we get what we wanted and when we fail to get what we wanted.
Achievement is not all about the end results but the journey towards it. We should evaluate our achievement, not by how much we have achieved but how well we have tried. How other people view us will only become reality if we accept it. Our perspective is what determine what we can do and what we cannot do. We should devote our lives to serving others. Life is not all about us. We should be there for our family and friends when they need us. We should shun individualism by providing service .service is summarized as being kind, unselfish and expecting nothing in return.
Every moment in our life is special. Every choice we make should be based on what is best for our lives. We should train ourselves to respond to different situations the way it pleases us not react out of impulse and later on regret our deeds. Individuals are never equal. We cannot be less than or better than anybody. Everybody should be treated with compassion and respect regardless of the amount of money, class, thought, and resources they possess.