The Muslim Definition of a Prophet – PowerPoint Presentation Example

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The paper "The Muslim Definition of a Prophet" is a delightful example of a PowerPoint presentation on religion and theology. The word ‘ Prophet’ holds different meanings for different cultures, races, and most of all, religion. The Power Point aimed to inform the viewers of the Islamic view of what a Prophet is and what he must do as a messenger of God. The PowerPoint presentation starts off with the mentioning of a religious figure, Adam and how he has come into the holy book of the Muslims, the Qur’ an. The story is not that different from the way it is told by the Christian Bible and then the PowerPoint slides present the entire concept of being a Prophet.

The messengers of God are people who are personally chosen by God to teach and make sure that His people follow the message he has sent. The presentation mentions of two types of leaders: the Nabi and the Rasool which both bring a message from God except that the Rasool brings with him a divinely-reveal scripture. The messages from each of the Prophets speak of God’ s rules which are: (1) not to worship any other God, (2) There is no other good than God and that people should worship Him, (3) people who reject what the Prophets say will be punished, and (4) messengers serve God at no cost.

The presentation then speaks of Prophets being ordinary people who were merely sent by God and supported by Him as Istifa means that there is nothing special needed for people to become chosen people of God. Prophets of God are considered as role models for mankind and it is their mission to proclaim messages from God without lying, reciting and rehearsing the Holy Scriptures, as well as purifying the people. We, as a people are reminded that we should follow what the prophets should say so as to be saved from a life of eternal damnation.

The prophets are people who, too, are following in the footsteps of God.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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