Albanese Candy – PowerPoint Presentation Example

The paper "Albanese Candy" is a good example of a powerpoint presentation on creative writing. Albanese Candy is a United State factory that has operated in nearly 30 years and it is known for producing the best Gummies and Candies in the world. The factory has recorded faster growth. Moreover, it has been known for prioritizing flavor and texture in its production (Albanese Candy, 2015). Its products are in different tastes and flavors that attract different and varied customers in different parts of the world where the factory operates and where its products have reached. Albanese Candy produces products including:
• Gummies
• Gifts
• Chocolates
• Nuts
• Sugar-free
• Pecans 
• Mixes
Since the factory involves itself in different production lines, it had a career opportunity to different professionals. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the factory aims at intensifying its operation in different parts of the world (Albanese Candy, 2015); thus, planning to move its production operation to those areas.