My Personal Responsibility and Building Mutually Supportive Relationship – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "My Personal Responsibility and Building Mutually Supportive Relationship" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education. The scores that are most impressive to me are the increases in my Personal Responsibility and Building Mutually Supportive Relationships scores. My range in Personal Responsibility increased just a bit, but my score in Building Mutually Supportive Relationships increased significantly. I feel good about increases in these areas because my progress makes me feel successful, and I recognize that improvements in these areas based on the results of my prior scores are important for my success. I think I need to continue to focus more of my attention on Building Mutually Supportive Relationships in the future.

I also feel I should begin to work on Gaining heightened Self-Awareness. I have a real desire to increase my abilities in these areas because they work together to focus my attention on the two keys to my success in education. One is how I can interact with others so that I can learn from and benefit from their knowledge and experiences. The second is developing ways for me to look at myself and determine if I am on the right academic track or not. I do have a plan that will help me in these areas for the next week.

I am going to attend supportive institutions such as DES and SL. I will also be attending group study sessions this week. I plan on keeping track of my schoolwork this coming week by taking a few quiet moments each day to assess my progress relative to my assignments. I feel this will help keep me from falling behind in my work and will help me identify when I am straying from the best path. I feel that one of the best long-term strategies I can do to help me next semester is to look over the textbooks for next semester over the summer.

This way I will be able to engage the material more easily. I will be more prepared and less tempted to get off track.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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