Resolving Conflict – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Resolving Conflict" is a great example of a psychology personal statement.   The first conflict that I witnessed during the present week took place between a male driver and a female driver. The female driver overtook the male driver twice without providing any indication. In response to this action, the male driver hit the car of the female driver and made sure that the bumper of her car was badly damaged. Both stopped the car and started quarreling with each other. The female driver asked the male driver was his license and insurance details.

In response, the male driver did not provide any details. The female driver threatened the male driver that she would inform the police. The male driver responded by saying that the authorities will hold her responsible since she overlooked without providing any indication and the entire incident is being recorded by street cameras. The female driver then drove off while not accepting her mistake at all.   The second conflict that I witnessed took place between me and a very close friend of mine. I and my friend were not being able to decide about the place where we should hang out and spend time.

I selected a coffee shop and told my friend that the coffee shop would be a better place because it would cost less and we will be able to spend ample amount of time while talking to each other and there will be no hindrance of music or any other noise. My friend wanted to go to a high-end club where there would be an ample amount of noise of music.

He said that he wanted to have fun by dancing around and listening to loud music. I ended up quarreling with him and told him that he is self-centered and always wanted to do what he likes to do and my opinion was not important to him. We quarreled for quite some time and then, in the end, we ended up going to the club as the conflict was increasing and I did not want to ruin my relationship (Bokor, 2006).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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