My Experience of Work Placement in Sports Club – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "My Experience of Work Placement in Sports Club" is a good example of a persona statement on education.   Work placement is an experience in the field that is meant to help the learners get experience in the field or professional working environment. Being a soccer coach is something I am very passionate about and worked for an organization that trains young footballers. I have done my placement at a football club which trains young footballers. My role was as a leading coach and so was in charge of the coaching sessions.

The training sessions were on Fridays and Saturdays. Friday I coach under 19's and Saturday I was in charge of coaching 7-8 years old. The club provided all the amenities and other leisure time occupation for the members and the social value improvement in the community. It also provided a mentorship program for young children, the youth, and the parents concerning football as a career, promote healthy living and foster good relations among the members. The club provided football training sessions that take place twice a week.

I undertook a total number of 120 hours for my work placement. Being the leading coach I organized for coaching classes with Manchester Football Association. FA Level one football coaching Course they had on 14/1/13 gave an opportunity for 6 coaches and 6 nominated parents to improve coaching skills. Proudly I can say we have 6 committed coaches with the necessary skills. Parents trained will train other parents and their kids in matters of the game and other social benefits that come with such as promoting healthy living and fostering good relationships among the residents. The organization is headed by the chairman and other administrators include treasurer, secretary, and committee members.

The committee members oversee all the activities in the club especially lobby for funding. Being an organization that basically field-based it and little or no returns are attained unless the club plays major games in the competition. The club faces major challenges ranging from commitment to time management and lastly funding. Everybody comes to the training session 15 minutes late every week and the coaches not consistent. Some of the coaches do plan or attend the training session at all.

Good communication with the parents gives the organization good cohesion but some coaches don’ t maintain or have any link with the parents. My weak area when it comes to coaching 7 and 8 years old is the fact that they take time to grasp something. These are young kids who are interested in having fun rather than knowing all the aspects of soccer. This is not the case for the under 19 team. The 7 and 8-year-olds have not developed fully the mental skills needed.

Football requires players to anticipate and be psyched up for the game. They should be able to project the whole field and avoid making immediate passes without looking. The kids have not developed such skills and they make haphazard passes. I do not feel confident when it comes it comes to this aspect because players have to be mentally prepared. The under 19 team at times lacks consistency in playing, poor communication, and lack of discipline. Sometimes they arrive for practice late, which cuts the time we need for training.

These are the weak places I hope to work on. Simple memory joggers are necessary because they are a good way of reminding these young players what they are supposed to do.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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