Work Organisation and Stress – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Work Organisation and Stress" is a great example of a personal statement on human resources. I would like to apply for a placement in your establishment after having gained substantial expertise and experience in my current working environment. I believe that I am going to deliver the best at the workplace and will always work towards steering the organization towards achieving its goals and objectives. Currently, I am working for Baoji MeiSong electric appliance company ltd. I have been an employee at the organization since September 10th, 2012 until now.

At the firm, I work as a sales assistant. While at the organization, I have gained substantial experience in handling customer orders and responding to customer needs. I have learned that serving the customer and attaining customer satisfaction should be the priority of any organization that intends to attain a competitive advantage in any industry. Apparently, the customer always has the final say when it comes to making the decision regarding whether to purchase a product or not. At the organization, I have gained significant experience pertaining to the handling of customers.

It is evident that having all the knowledge regarding the functioning of a product is imperative to any sales assistant that intends to sell the goods. Since I have been handling electronic goods, the first step towards ensuring that I offered good services to customers entailed understanding the functioning and operation of the electrical appliances. From my experience, I have realized that customers find it difficult to operate an electrical appliance soon after making its purchase. Therefore, they seek advice on a regular basis regarding the proper handling of the appliances.

Even though there are manuals that provide the guidelines for operating the appliances, most of the customers find it really difficult to peruse through and understand their manuals. They have the urge of using the product immediately following its purchase. Consequently, they require constant guidance from the sales personnel at the retail store. Handling payments is one of the areas that I have gained significant experience in my current workplace. Apparently, there are numerous challenges that sales personnel encounter in matters regarding the handling of payments.

There are situations whereby customers either produce fake notes or order for items at a certain price then end up producing a less than the agreed-upon price. As a solution to the challenge, the organization recommended the handling of payments by card or cash since there was a scenario whereby one customer handed an open cheque that ended up bouncing. However, it is important to be careful while handling cash payments by understanding the originality signs embedded within the notes to avoid incidences of exchanging electrical goods with fake notes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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