Doctorate Program at Southern New Hampshire University – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Doctorate Program at Southern New Hampshire University" is a worthy example of a personal statement on medical science.
This paper forms part of my application process for a Doctorate program at Southern New Hampshire As part of the application process, I was required to take GMAT. My score in this exam was 400 whereas the requirement by the University was 600. In this paper, I explain the reasons for my low GMAT score, particularly in the verbal part. I am an international student whose native language is not English and hence, this is one of the reasons for the low score in the verbal section. Further, I got a good percentile in the Math part and am confident that I can do well in the doctorate program provided I am given a chance.
When preparing for the GMAT, I placed more emphasis on the Math and the reasoning part, particularly the sections related to analytical reasoning. The reason for this was my belief that the doctoral program needs advanced reasoning and analytical abilities. Towards this end, I have successfully cleared these parts with a good percentile. As explained above, since English is not my first language, I faltered a bit where the language part was concerned in the GMAT test.
Presently, I am pursuing a Master of Finance at the same university and have managed to do reasonably well in my courses. I request the applications committee to consider my application in view of the explanations that I have given in this paper and keeping in mind my progress in the Master of Finance course here. In conclusion, I hope I have explained the reasons for my GMAT score being low clearly and lucidly. I am ready to give further information and explanations in case the admissions committee requires me to do so.