Qualities of an Effective Manager, Trainer or Coach – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Qualities of an Effective Manager, Trainer or Coach" is an excellent example of a personal statement on English. Staff training is an important aspect of every organization and restaurant industry is also not an exception. Good communications skills, a solid understanding of the subject, experience, patience, interest in being a trainer, genuine respect for other people, and a well-developed sense of humor are some of the essential qualities required for a good staff trainer (Hooey). I have solid communication skill and I like the company of other people very much. I like to talk to others and at the same time, I am a good listener as well which make others comfortable in communicating with me. Nobody wants to be trained in a dull atmosphere and my sense of humor is another positive aspect which I think will help me as a staff trainer. I know very well that two-way communications are an essential part of every training process. Moreover, I am a well-organized person and often plan my activities one week in advance which helped me to be well prepared when problems arise later. Immense patience is another quality in me which I think essential for becoming a staff trainer. I have in-depth knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry which I think I can utilize in the staff training sessions. In short, I strongly believe that my qualities like patience, experience, subject knowledge, sense of humor, interest, and attitudes will make me a successful restaurant staff trainer. My strong communication skills will be an added advantage for me as a trainer.