Why I Want in the The Air National Guard – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Why I Want in The Air National Guard" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on human resources. The Air National Guard (ANG) is one organization that provides a platform for me to serve the people and the country. Moreover, enlistment at the ANG further allowed me to develop mentally, emotionally and physically and bolstered my nationalistic pride. Having served in this organization for a number of years, I possess all the necessary requisites needed for a Manpower Analyst. I currently hold the rank of MSgt; and with knowledge and skill on a computer, information technology, and other software applications necessary for the accomplishment of the functions.

My Bachelors Degree in Allied Health/Human Services and Masters Degree in Public Administration, that equipped and provided me with sufficient theoretical knowledge and pragmatic experience, enabled me to interact and manage people well. I have a strong command of the English language, both written and orally. A good communication skill is indispensable in the position since reports and correspondence are included in the regular performance of a Manpower Analyst’ s duties. Besides the skills, experience and academic qualifications I possess, I am physically and mentally fit for the position.

My academic qualifications have provided me with a solid foundation to conduct research and propose policy measures based on determined parameters that would further enhance the selection, evaluation, and assessment of manpower analysis related issues and concerns or would improve the procedures in manpower acquisition. I believe that learning should be continuous, and that includes undergoing apprenticeship course and cross-training so that I can fully perform the duties assigned to me.

I am willing to assume additional duties and have TDY travel to fully implement the tasks of a Manpower Analyst. I want this job because I possess the requisite qualifications, and I firmly believe that by working through that position, I can better serve the country and the people, so that by providing the necessary inputs as a Manpower Analyst, more able people can be recruited into the organization, and improve the lives of personnel already within the service.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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