Maximum Impact: Alternative Spring Break with Deloitte and Teach For America – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Maximum Impact: Alternative Spring Break with Deloitte and Teach For America" is an excellent example of a professional personal statement. Deloitte, one of the leading consultancy firms and Teach for America is all scheduled to join hands together for the ‘Maximum Impact Project’ to be held during the spring break of the universities. The project is all about providing education to those, who face educational inequality and are deprived of modern education. It would be a lifetime achievement for me if I get the opportunity to be part of the team of Maximum Impact. I would love to forego the week-long vacation to serve those future generations who are deprived of the best of the education mostly because of their backward geographical locations and economic poverty. I have been part of many of such activities previously too and therefore I believe I can really add value to the project. I have been a member of ‘Helping One Student to Succeed Mentor’ for five months in 2008. I am an active member of the Financial Management Association since 2008 and also I hold the post of Membership Director of Young Conservatives of Texas. I have also been involved in various kinds of the job since 2006. I have the experience of being a cook at the restaurant (which required multi-tasking) and janitor at a gym (held the position of team leader). Also, I worked as Firewatch at Scott Electric and was the supervisor to prevent fire outbreaks. I possess fair knowledge in Economics, Finance, and Business Administration and can be really handful to teach the deprived students. I sincerely believe I can enhance my skills further if I am allowed to be part of the Maximum Impact. Getting an opportunity to work with the professionals from Teach for America and Deloitte, I can learn a whole lot of newer techniques and latest methods which would add value to my life and also it would fulfill my long-term desire.