Prerequisites for Becoming a Doctor, Laid in Childhood – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Prerequisites for Becoming a Doctor, Laid in Childhood" is a good example of a personal statement on medical science. In my whole life, I always had but one dream. I always dreamt of becoming a doctor. It cannot be said that I had a clear understanding of the field of medicine at that age but deep within my soul, I admired doctors. Any time I got sick, my caring parents would rush me to a hospital. I hated my encounters with doctors because these sessions were always accompanied by intense pain. But when I grew older, I appreciated doctors even more, because I realized that their care brought about my well-being. 

My mother worked and still works in the medical field. When my teeth started coming out, she would pluck them out gently with a caring touch. Blood oozed out of course, but she was not scared at the sight of blood. I guess she also extended her caring touch to the other patients who she interacted within the medical field. Certainly, her services were highly appreciated by the community. When we went out for dinner or lunch, many people would approach her with gifts and heartfelt thanks. Out mailbox was flooded with sincere notes of thanks. One word is never enough to define or describe my mother. She certainly was a true icon.
Our parents taught us hard work and good manners. They were our role models. They made it clear to us that putting food on the table is not a cup of tea. They gave us education and emphasized that without it we would sink in misery and a lack of purpose in life. Personally, I took their advice seriously. I adored books and read them day and night. My friends would call me names, but I knew back in my mind that I had a goal, and I had to focus and put all my effort and zeal towards achieving the goal. Back in my mind I knew and believed that someday I would be a doctor.
While studying biology, I really admired learning how the body works. The design of the human body really fascinated me. I really loved the topics that centralized on the various systems in the body. My favorite topics were: the mammalian circulatory system and the nervous system. My efforts bore fruits because I passed well in my high school education.
Now am on the verge of achieving my dreams. I am already in college pursuing a degree in medicine. The desire to quench my thirst for education is stronger than ever before. My dream is within my grasp. I am really determined to achieve it come what may. Currently, I am giving my energy and time in voluntary work. When I find free time, I do participate fully in service activities. Nevertheless, my passion for medicine is still ablaze, and I am really concerned for the people. I have always believed in myself all these years. My undying wish is to bring about change in the world by becoming a doctor.
My prayer and hope that I will become what I have always desired to become. I want my family to be proud of me. Above all, I want to enjoy giving back to the society because it is my belief that a lot of joy is derived from giving and not in receiving.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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