The Best Candidate for the Nursing Program – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "The Best Candidate for the Nursing Program" is a wonderful example of an education personal statement. To become somebody in life requires diligence, hard work and penance and more so if you are trying to achieve this in a foreign country. I arrived in the United States with my parents from Brazil and ever since have successfully accomplished everything ordained on me, as a student as well as a daughter. I love to organize things and have a deep compassion for all living beings. I adapted quickly to the US way of life and learned English, which is more prevalent here, in a short span of time as I was young, inquisitive and eager to learn new things in life.

Wherever I worked, I carried out my duties with aplomb and dedication and received commendation for my efforts wherever I went. I have a penchant for organizing and coordinating activities in a positive and coherent manner. As a student, I excelled despite the language barrier and always got good grades. At the vocational school of nursing, I was ranked third in a group of 300 students for excellent performance in academics and received the national award for being the ‘ vocational student of the year’ .

One of the stimulating factors of thirst for higher education is the fact that my parents did not have an opportunity for higher studies and I have witnessed how it limited their professional capabilities. This has spurred a keen desire in me to be the first in the family to graduate with a professional degree. This will not only instill a sense of satisfaction in me but make my parents proud too.

Nursing is a noble career as epitomized by Florence Nightingale and offers new challenges consistently, which makes a person capable of thinking intelligently and responding correctly to emergent situations. At the same time, it inculcates the qualities of care, compassion, and patience which help one build a balanced personality. Whenever I see people suffering from disease and accidents I feel a natural desire to nurse them back to health. It is a profession which requires technical excellence as well as hard work for which I am fully prepared.

Given the opportunity, I am sure that I will work diligently and strive for excellence in whatever specialty I am entrusted with. My penchant for perfectionism and getting things done to the best of my abilities will help me achieve my ambition in life. My academic history, past record and former teachers feel that I am the best candidate for the nursing profession.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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