Victim Representation – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Victim Representation" is an outstanding example of a law personal statement. I have used a case contained in an article titled “ Frenchman jailed over O'Keefe murder” to discuss my victim presentation. This article is available online on Sky news updated on January 8, 2012. The article starts by describing the murder of a certain Australian student aged 28 years old by a man called Adriano Araujo Da Silva. O'Keefe murder case was heard in court eleven years after her murder (Sky News 1). The prosecutor’ s report, described, has it that the victim’ s corpse had 13 blunt wounds and a double strangling when it was found.

Caty Richard, the family lawyer, described the victim’ s final hours before she was murdered. She reported that the victim had left home on December 31 to meet a friend who turned up an hour late. The victim was, therefore, late to return home, and so, she set off to a friend’ s house on a train where she met Adriano who must have killed her. The victim’ s body was found beaten, strangled and rolled up in a sleeping bag outside a car park in Paris.

A test carried out on the victim by French investigators found male DNA under her fingernails. It took the detectives eight years to find a match and arrested Adriano Araujo Da Silva. In the article, Adriano’ s “ physique” is likened to that of an athlete with a shaved head (Sky News 1). Adriano confessed to the court several times before retracting his testimony and testifying that he was not the one who murdered the victim. The prosecutor described him to have no empathy for the victim, and that on several occasions he contradicted himself in court.

One of the victim’ s sisters called Denise told journalists that, Adriano was evil and he needed to be subjected to the “ maximum sentence” according to the French law (Sky News 1).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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