Helping a Disengaged Student – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Helping a Disengaged Student" is an excellent example of an educational personal statement.
Student disengagement is a fundamental barrier to the well-being of the teachers and the community as a whole. Helping disengaged students is a big challenge for teachers, as bored, disruptive, disengaged and restless students negatively impact on their fellow students and teachers in the long run, and the larger community in the long run.
In this case, the student may be bored by the teaching methods involved. Due to technology, today’s students get bored by the traditional lecture and text methods of teaching. She may also experience a connection loss with the content (Charlton 16). The student may also be having negative pressure from his peers, as young people consider friendship as more of a priority than their classroom performance. Additionally, the student may be rebellious; doing exactly what is expected of them or may even be going through family issues, like a death in the family or divorce.
One of the top two strategies that I would use as the teacher is interaction, where the student would be encouraged to discuss any issues that they might be going through either at home or school. In this case, inviting the student’s mother would be fundamental. Furthermore, I would apply relevancy in addition to the normal curriculum, as young people continuously question how their subjects can be applied to real-life situations (Charlton 93). These two strategies should provide the students with a platform where she could vent out her issues as opposed to being burned by such issues. Consequently, she would become psychologically free and ready to learn, thus making her school life enjoyable.