Three Letters of Recommendation for the Master of Business Administration Program – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Three Letters of Recommendation for the Master of Business Administration Program " is a good example of a personal statement on education.   Letter of Recommendation I: Assistant Plant Manager, Ford Motor Company, Auto Alliance LLC. It gives me immense pleasure in recommending Mr. Randy Casey for the graduate program in International Business at Baker's College. Mr. Randy is currently working at Ford Motor Company, Auto Alliance LLC, as a skilled trades layout inspector. I have had the good fortune of working with him closely for the past five years, since 2000, on a number of occasions and I am happy to say, that Mr.

Randy Casey is a man who brings total commitment and passion in all his endeavors. We have worked together in areas of paint and appearance for pre-delivery inspection for the company. In this context, I have always found him a person who is meticulous and has an eye for detail. He brings in a wide range of skills having worked as a Paint shop inspector, Appearance inspector, Weld inspector, Incoming inspector, Weld trainer, Plant chemical trainer, and Skilled trades layout inspector apprentice trainer before becoming the skilled trades layout inspector.

His major asset, in my opinion, is his ability to take a macroscopic perception on management issues while simultaneously taking a microscopic look on technical issues. We have had many interesting discussions on ways to economize on company expenditure and on issues of quality management. During these discussions, I have found Mr. Randy Casey to be an analytical thinker with problem-solving capabilities. He is highly innovative and is a source of creative solutions and ideas. He brings a great positive spirit to the entire team. In my view, Mr.

Randy Casey compares favorably with the best of my team. I am sure he will make an outstanding graduate student, I recommend him in the strongest terms for admission to the graduate program at your college. Letter of Recommendation II: Body Shop and Stamping Manager, Ford Motor Company, Auto Alliance LLC Mr. Randy Casey is a person I am working with on a day to day basis in my capacity as a body shop and stamping manager. I have always found Mr. Casey to be a great team person and one who is full of energy and enthusiasm.

He radiates a positive attitude and exhibits tremendous leadership qualities. During my experience of working with him, I have found him to be a very adaptable person, - someone who can generate a lot of creative ideas and simultaneously be open to ideas from other persons. Specifically, I have worked with him on the launching of several new models such as the mercury cougar, Mazda 626, Mazda mx6, ford probe, Mazda m6, and the ford mustang. His dedication to the team cause, his total involvement, and his leadership qualities have been major reasons behind the success of these events.

During the course of these launchings, Mr. Randy Casey has come up with valuable ideas on cost savings and waste reduction. I have found him to be a critical thinker and his valuable suggestions have helped in many situations. He has a keen intelligent mind and a great passion for work. These attributes of Mr. Randy Casey makes him a suitable candidate for the international business course at Baker’ s College.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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