Awareness of the Importance of the Qualities Necessary for the Nurse - Patience, Social Responsibility, Compassion, the Ability Not to Harm the Patient – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Choosing a future procession is a crucial task. When making such an important choice, one should not take into account the fantasies from our childhood. Children like to dream to become a respected surgeon or a famous actress, but when they are grown up, such desires seem just fantasies and the time comes to make a serious choice. Making this choice it is essential to evaluate our abilities and personal qualities to determine if they match the profession we like. I always liked the profession of a physician, but I also understood that such a profession demands much responsibility and very special qualities. Thus, I evaluated the features of my character and my abilities before making such a crucial choice and made a conclusion that I have all the necessary features and abilities. Everything depends on how you treat people. I like people and always try to help those in need. The profession of a nurse allows to realize a desire to help and assist people who appear in difficult situation. My aim is not to earn a big money, but to be as useful for the society as it is possible. This is the reason why I chose a profession of a nurse.
The important quality the nursing profession demands is patience. My friends and parents consider me to be very patient and careful. A nurse should not be absentminded and I always tried to eliminate the minor signs of this drawback from my character. I also like to acquire knowledge in the process of practice as theoretical knowledge should be accompanied by practical. The profession of nursing allows to work in laboratory where it is possible to test your knowledge. I am ready to be responsible and account for my deeds. I understand well that a primary obligation of a nurse is to help and the most important principle is “do not harm”. If a nurse causes any harm to patient, it is considered to be a crime. If a nurse refuses to help a person in need, it is also a serious crime. I understand the seriousness of the profession I chose and know that if I become a nurse, I will hold a legal responsibility for everything I will do and I am ready for that.
All kinds of education are good and useful. Choosing profession we should not make emphasis on the degree, but on the profession itself. Good care does not depend on the degree, it depends on the personal qualities of nurses, their desire and readiness to help. Still, I value education very high. I think a nurse should be educated to provide a high-quality help that is why I decided to receive a degree in nursing. I think that nurses should continue to develop their knowledge in order to benefit patients, because their state is a top priority. Good education is necessary for the nursing profession, that is why I aim at receiving a degree and continue the study in order to make my help as valuable as possible.