Daycare Director – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Daycare Director " is a worthy example of a personal statement on education. I would make an excellent daycare director. To begin with, I love children. I have worked as an elementary school teacher for many years and enjoy the enthusiasm and curiosity of young students. Sometimes older students can be depressing as they are going through mood swings, but young students bring a bright light to my eye and a spring to my step. I have several nephews and nieces and have watched them grow up and learn about the world with great pleasure. They are feisty and fun to be with. I treasure my time with them and hope to spend more time with them. Being a director is a demanding job and one I intend to take very seriously. It is important to respect the students, the parents, and the other workers. In order to make a daycare work successfully, you must be very patient and considerate. Fortunately, my friends often use those two words to describe me. I come to work on time and I’m usually the last person to leave. I have spent a lot of time around schools and daycares and am more than ready for this challenge. I look forward to working with you very soon.